If you have been charged with driving under the influence, then you already know that time is of the essence for protecting your rights and answering important questions about your driving privileges and upcoming court dates. In most cases, you must act quickly, sometimes within a matter of days, to protect your driving privileges and prepare for an upcoming court appearance before suffering through hardships for which you are not prepared.

It is important that you exercise your right to an attorney who is experienced in defending men and women accused of DUI, DWI and OUI. Erker Law Firm attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals charged with driving under the influence and are prepared to guide you from the essential initial steps you must take to a resolution of all charges on your behalf.


Act Quickly to Protect Your Driver’s Privileges

Missouri and Kansas will also launch an administrative case against you to limit or suspend your privilege to drive. If you do not respond to this case in a timely manner, you may automatically lose your driver’s license, exposing yourself to additional hardships and limiting your ability to work.

Representing Clients Accused of DUI/DWI/OUI for Nearly 30 Years

Our Kansas City law firm, working as a team, has successfully represented a significant number of clients accused of DUI, including juveniles, DUI-manslaughter, and felony DUI. Our firm has earned a reputation among colleagues as ethical, formidable lawyers who will not be outworked.  We regularly represent commercial driver’s license holders, juveniles, and others facing charges of driving under the influence.

Unique DUI/DWI/OUI Defense Tailored to Your Case

There are many courses of action in any DUI case depending on the facts and position of the accused.  We will assess your circumstances and the evidence to determine which approach will be best in your situation. We may approach the case from a technical standpoint if there has been an issue with the breath or blood alcohol test. We may focus on the initial basis for the traffic stop or the officer’s subsequent investigation.  The important element to remember is that every individual’s case is unique and must be thoroughly reviewed to develop and apply the specific defenses for that particular case.  Focusing on the unique nature of every case, we will closely review all video and audio records because we know that the smallest detail can often result in a favorable outcome.