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Family Law is expansive, but it all hits close to home. You probably feel as though you're in a state of upheaval, and that life can't back to normal soon enough. That's why we're prepared to begin the process of counseling you through whatever your case may be.

The Broad Scope of Family Law

You've got decisions to make about your children, your wife or your husband, and you know that you might need to take action. Erker Law Firm Handles all your family law matters, including:

  • Divorce. When you're faced with the decision of whether or not to cut legal ties with your spouse, you need to consider matters such as alimony (financial support for your lower-income spouse) and property division. You may even need help deciding whether to divorce in the first place.
  • Child Custody. You might need to make decisions regarding visitation rights and who gets to spend the majority of the time with your child or children. Assuming legal custody would give you the right to determine how to care for and raise your child; you would be in charge of matters such as your children's healthcare, education, and religious upbringing.
  • Child Support. Maybe you've been recently separated, and you're in dire need of money to support your child. You'll need to calculate child support and determine the reality of your financial situation.
  • Paternity. Determining your rights as a father may also be necessary since courts usually tend to favor the mother when making decisions about children.
  • Adoption. Depending on the age of the child you intend to adopt, consent of the child may be required. Additionally, in Kansas and Missouri, any adult may adopt a child as long as he or she is over 18.
  • Marriage. Prenuptial agreements fall under this area, as many couples wish to establish a firm plan regarding money and property before committing to the legal ties of marriage.

Let us do right by your family

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Our Approach Centers on your Family’s Well-being

Unlike criminal defense and many other areas of the law, most family law cases are conducted outside the courtroom, where the various parties are free to discuss their situation with their attorneys present to advocate for informed, well-conceived decisions meant to get your family back on firm footing.  

Much of the family law proceedings we take on also involve a fair amount of counseling, since we put a large focus on the well being of the children involved. We want to make sure that whatever arrangements we reach are always in the best interest of those not yet old enough to advocate for themselves.

We take a holistic approach to family law in Kansas City

We at Erker Law Firm, P.A. know that your family deserves efficient and caring legal representation when making the decision that determine the future of your family. The goal is restore stability among your family members, or else to establish a firm footing before you enter into marriage. Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, a child custody dispute, child support, or any other matter that falls under the umbrella of family law, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation.